Best English Newspapers in India

The reading of newspapers has been a great interest to the Indian people. According to recent research findings, it is estimated that approximately 39% of people who are above 21 years in India do read the newspaper frequently. It does not matter if it’s in English, Hindi, or a regional newspaper.

There is a very big population that prefers reading print media. This is according to the Indian Readership survey, which estimates close to 40% are into the newspaper readership. The findings further reveal there is a further increase of about 7% that is expected in the newspaper readership in India by 2021.

The Hindu

The Hindu refers to an Indian English language newspaper which was founded back in 1878 and since then has been published in Chennai. Recent statistics revealed by the Audit Bureau of Circulations states that it has a total circulation of 1.4 million copies since December 2009. This company is said to have employed a total of 1,600 workers and had its gross income get to $40 million back in 2010.

According to recent data released by the Indian Readership Survey, The Hindu newspaper is currently ranked third most widely read English newspaper in India with a total of 21.59 lakhs in readership. It is also known to have the largest circulation bases in Southern India.

The Times of India

The Times of India is by far considered to be one of the best English newspapers based in India when you consider the number of readers. This newspaper is said to be reaching up to 3 million people all over India. The publishing of this newspaper is done in Mumbai based media house, Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd.

This newspaper is said to have started back in 1838 where it used to be referred to as the Bombay Times in Mumbai. It is considered to be one of the oldest existing newspapers currently available in India.

This English newspaper in India online has been in the list of the top best English newspapers for long thanks to its adaptability to the changing times and its availability in different formats ranging from compacts, broadsheets, online version, tabloids, and Berliners. The Times of India is considered to be one of the highest circulated newspapers in the world.

The Indian Express

The Indian Express is one of the oldest English Newspapers in India. Its publication has been going on since pre-independence times. This newspaper started its operations back in 1932 and did have its operations in Mumbai. Just recently, this newspaper was vying for a top spot in the readership but has scaled down its operations in the recent past.

Its name was recently changed to the New Indian Express. Currently, the English daily is being published from 22 cities in India and mainly from Southern India.

This newspaper also has most of its sales in Kerala. This is also known to be one of the first newspapers in the country to provide insurance benefits to its readers.